1/25/19. Most of the babies have been posted. From this point they only start being removed as they sell.

Snakes are continuously updated. So if you can see it right now then you should be able to get it. :-)

I slow grow all my snakes for breeding which is much healthier than pumping them up fast. For some reason people think that breeding means you have to feed a lot in a short period. Which is true if one only cares about making money and has no concern for the full 20+ year lifespan of the animal. I find my way works best when it comes to production at my facility. The added benefits are the snake stay smaller for longer requiring smaller meals over time as well the smaller housing over the first couple years of it's life. 10 to 12 months before I'm ready to breed that animal is when I start giving it larger meals on a more frequent basis thus getting it up to breeding weight in no time at all, saving time, money, and effort.

Possible trades will be consider for:

1) Handguns, possibly rifles but no shotguns. The more unique they are (like Original 2) Desert Eagles, MAC 10, Tech 9, etc) the more interested I am.
3) Play station 4 (PS4).
4) iPhones for T-mobile.
5) Motorcycles.
6) Macbook Pro or other Apple Computer that is not TOO old.
7) Gun Safe (1.5 cubic or bigger), Ammo, guns, rifles (no antiques).

Deposits and payments are non-refundable but credit may be given in the event that something comes up during the payment plan (usually in the first 2 weeks). No additional costs are added to a payment plan and the animals will be maintained on a week-by-week basis as usual.

If for some reason payments are not completed within the duration of your payment plan a credit may be issued equal to the amount of payments (minus deposit) made and the animals will be put back up for sale.

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